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InCommon Steering Meeting Minutes – 7 Oct 2013

Attending: Rodney Petersen, Jack Suess, Klara Jelinkova, John O’Keefe, Michael Gettes, Joel Cooper, Mark Crase, Steven Carmody, Chris Holmes, Ken Klingenstein, Ardoth Hassler

With: John Krienke, Shel Waggener, Ann West

Internet2 Senior VP Shel Waggener joined the meeting to continue the discussion of the expanded role of Steering in the Internet2 Trust and Identity initiative.

Shel shared an updated slide deck of the proposed role of Steering and proposed organization of Steering within Trust and Identity. He sees a need for three items at this point:

  1. a formal Word document with the charter and outline of activity for Steering (one slide in the deck will serve as an outline
  2. an FAQ with answers to the general questions anticipated from the community. There is a draft, but it needs a lot more information about InCOmmon
  3. a list of Steering responsibilities (see slide 4 of the deck). These will include moving operational responsibilities away from Steering and focusing on such things as planning and portfolio management. The bullets under #1 on the slide list the five core responsibilities

As an example, Steering would not be concerned so much about dues to charge for InCommon participation, but the overall revenue needed to operated the Trust and Identity initiative. Steering will prioritize, while it is Shel’s responsibility to ensure that revenue and expenses balance across the portfolio.

It would also be Steering’s responsibility, as it prioritizes, to make the case for any services that may need initial investment before becoming net revenue positive (or break even). Steering may also look, for example, at whether it makes sense to bundle services for larger schools, or whether a scalable pricing structure makes sense to attract smaller schools. Shel would then partner with Steering to make these things happen.

There was discussion about bundling InCommon services with the Internet2 member fees and the potential impact on InCommon revenue. Will this require a series of internal transfers and who will manage that? The concept is that, when a large enough percentage of Internet2 members are subscribing to a service, it starts to make sense to bundle that service with Internet2 membership. For example there is a proposal to bundle InCommon and eduRoam as part of Internet2 membership, both to increase value to the members and to spur additional uptake of these services. While this adds some complexity to budgeting, Shel does not see this as a threat to InCommon’s budget.

There was a discussion of TAC’s role in the new Trust and Identity structure. Shel sees TAC remaining vital to Trust and Identity, and believes the addition of the associate vice president, and the potential for additional technical resources, will be a benefit to TAC and its work in the identity space.

Shel will develop an entity relationship diagram to clarify the relationships of Steering, TAC, the Assurance Advisory Committee, and any other relevant boards or committee. Part of this process will be to review the composition of Steering to ensure the right mix of people and expertise. From the perspective of Internet2, everything will flow up through the Trust and Identity Steering Committee.

Thanks to Rodney

EDUCAUSE is loaning Rodney Petersen to the cybersecurity project that is a partnership with EDUCAUSE, Internet2, and Indiana University. As a result, Rodney will step down from Steering. On behalf of Steering, Jack thanked Rodney for the work he has done in identity and access management and with InCommon.

Next call – Oct. 21 – 4 pm ET

The agenda will include summarizing the results of the last two calls with Shel, and discussing any areas needing clarification. There is another call with Shel on October 28 (4 pm ET)

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