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InCommon Steering Meeting Minutes – 9 Sept 2013

Present: Michael Gettes, Chris Holmes, Rodney Petersen, Joel Cooper, Klara Jelinkova, Ardoth Hassler, Ken Klingenstein, Jack Sues, Mark Crase

With: John Krienke, Steven Carmody, Shel Waggener


Approved the minutes from the August 26, 2013, meeting.

R&S Category

Steering reviewed the TAC recommendation for the changes to the R&S Category (

It would be good to include some promotional text in the communication concerning the changes, encouraging organizations to adopt R&S. There were some reports that a few institutions have stated that they won't adopt R&S, and these decisions are being made below the CIO level and may be based on incomplete information. As a result, we should communicate with CIOs about why R&S is important. A simple survey is suggested, consisting of a short email that summarizes the question, with a link to more details and the survey.

Service by Affiliation Category

There was a first reading of the Service by Affiliation category (

This category is for those that provide services based on an individual's affiliate with an institution (services based on student-ness, for example). Typically the SPs do not have a contract with a campus and these are low-risk services. There was feedback that a different, more-understandable category name would be useful.

Meeting with Shel

The next Steering meeting will be Monday, September 23, and will include continuing the discussion of the role of Steering in the Internet2 trust and identity initiatives.


23 September, with Shel

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