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InCommon Steering Committee Minutes - June 17, 2013

Attending: Mark Crase, Jack Suess, Klara Jelinkova, Joel Cooper, Chris Holmes, Ardoth Hassler, Rodney Petersen, Ken Klingenstein, Michael Gettes, Steve Carmody

With: John Krienke, Ann West, Dean Woodbeck (scribe)

Action Items

(AI) Jack will follow up with Barb Nanzig on the Carrie Regenstein scholarship.

Carrie Regenstein Scholarship

Jack has discussed the scholarship with Barb Nanzig, Internet2 chief of staff. Internet2 is interested in tying the scholarship with an effort aimed at increasing diversity in the IT sector, especially among technical people.

Jack will follow-up with Barb.

Identity Landscape

The TAC Identity Landscape subgroup has completed a comprehensive draft of the identity landscape, along with a number of recommendations.

Steve Carmody provided an overview of the work (see his slides.

Some general questions and discussion items posed after the presentation include:

  • How will InCommon serve smaller schools? The Identity Landscape recommendation is that it is InCommon’s responsibility to package software and support in a way that smaller schools can participate in the federation. A challenge for InCommon will be identifying a path forward, possibly coordinating with affiliates and open-source developers to package the software with wizards and other such tools.
  • What will be InCommon’s role in Identity as a Service?
  • Are there things we can learn from the Europeans, where federations came out of NRENs that span all of higher education?
  • Will our funding model need to change?
  • Will incremental change by InCommon be enough, or is there a need for some large scale change? Generally, InCommon will need to grow significantly to remain a player on the NSTIC stage.
  • How will we define “success” for InCommon?

International Legal Agreement

There are two universities from the Middle East interested in joining InCommon. John has developed two documents: one setting the context for international participation and the other (developed with Internet2 legal) an international version of the participation agreement. Both are linked from

This will be up for discussion and potentially a vote on July 1.

Service by Affiliation Category

This proposed service provider category (similar to R&S) would have IdPs releasing two attributes by default (see the category description.

Steering will review and vote on this on July 1.

Steering Exec Call

The next Steering Exec call is Monday, June 24. All are welcome.

Next Meeting – Monday, July 1, 2013 – 4 pm ET

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