This page includes the deprecated versions of the InCommon Assurance Assessment Framework and the Identity Assurance Profiles:

Community Review - 1.2 - June 2012

Reviewed by the Community in April and May, approved by the Assurance Advisory and Steering Committees, and submitted to FICAM in June for approval.



FICAM-draft - 1.2 - November 2012

After negotiation with FICAM in October and November, InCommon submitted this DRAFT to FICAM in November 2012. Once FICAM approves the update version, InCommon will hold a short Community Review of the changed sections. This draft is Community FYI only.

Framework DIFF from June version

Profile DIFF from June version

Slides from 12/12/12 Community Sneak Peek Session

Community Release Candidates 1.2 - January 2013 

The Release Candidates V1.2-January 2013 of inCommon's Framework and Profiles documents are now closed for public review. Suggestions are welcome and will be collected for future consideration.

Comments should be directed to the Assurance@incommon DOT org list.

Framework (pdf) DIFF with V1.2 June 2012  (pdf)

Profiles (pdf)  DIFF with V1.2 June 2012 (pdf)

1.1 - May 2011



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