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  • Consultation for Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) Charter
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This consultation is now closed. It was open from December 6, 2017 to January 2, 2018 

The updated charter is here:

InCommon’s Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC)   proposed a number of changes to their charter, including changing the title to the Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB). The duties include an expanded focus and change the AAC into a board that is representative of the InCommon community in support of our Baseline Expectations. Background and additional details were presented at a Dec. 6, 2017 webinar; you can find the slides and recording linked from here.  

Document for review/consultation


Change Proposals and Feedback - We welcome your feedback/suggestions here 

If you have comments that do not lend themselves well to the tabular format below, please create a new Google doc and link to it in the suggestion section below.


Current Text
Proposed Text / Query / Suggestion
+1 (add your name here if you agree with the proposal)
Action (please leave this column blank)
1Duties item3.

Under section 2. Duties, item 3.
I would like second sentence to add the work Advocate – possibly instead of identify and engage – use identify and advocate.

The reason is without a group advocating for changes to improve assurance requirements our nature is to keep the status quo.

Jack suess
"…and advocate for their adoption." has been added to part 3 of the duties.
2MembershipConsider adding Privacy Officers/ExpertsNathan Dors+1 Brett BieberThe Charter and membership will be reviewed annually to ensure appropriate representation, and at that time a named Privacy Officer may be added.


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