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InCommon is pleased to make available the Release Candidates V1.2-January 2013 of inCommon's Framework and Profiles documents for public review. 

As a reminder, the  Community informally discussed these documents in December 2012 on our Assurance Implementers call. Since then,  we have made one change to update to  address Session Hijacking per FICAM request. The rest of the text remains the same. 

Comments on the January 2013 version of 1.2  should generally be constrained to the FICAM-introduced material as reflected in the DIFF files.  
If you have additional comments, please send those along as well. They will be collected for future consideration.

InCommon does not plan to host a conference call to discuss the changes, since we covered them in December. If you would like me to schedule something, just let me know. We invite the community to send comments to the list by COB Wednesday January 23, 2013.

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