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Sample Letter

February 18, 2012

Michael D. Sessa
Executive Director
Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)
1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 200
Washington, D.C.  20036

Dear Mr. Sessa:

I am very happy to write in support of the CommIT project proposed by Internet2/InCommon and PESC (Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council) to develop the proof of concept for an innovative shared identity service model that will connect our global community of students, advisors, faculty, researchers, and administrators with essential information – no matter where it resides – to enable better decision making toward academic success. 

[AcademyOne] is an active member in the PESC community putting aside competitive self interests and working across the diverse members including institutions, government agencies, associations, and industry developing community shared specifications to foster data, process and information standards.  Our work had led to improved student success through the application of information technology and practices moving away from standalone, disparate and proprietary data management.   Yet, we have so much more to accomplish.

 In our work with postsecondary institutions, government agencies, associations and industry, [AcademyOne] clearly recognizes the vital importance developing information technologies to support student mobility and the currency of learning.  We need to dedicate resources to improve how credentials and services seamlessly follow learners as they move and aspire to complete degrees.  In doing so, we need a means to work better together - in an online consumer centric world – complementing the localized and self contained traditional student experiences that most institutional systems support well.   Working with Internet2/InCommon and PESC to develop CommIT will afford the broader educational community the opportunity to combine efforts, leverage reuse and improve transparency of information services in order to benefit learners of all types.  I strongly support the CommIT Collaborative project and will devote our effort and resources to support this worthy project.


David Moldoff
[AcademyOne Founder and Chief Executive Officer]

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