This UI modifications related to the 1.3 spring 2008 release are derived from the UI analysis subgroup and are confined to 3 basic areas

  • Terminology -  Changes to the use of language and terms that are more common or more intuitive to the end user
  • Tooltips - Explainatory text that pops up to the user when hovering over a term. Defined terms are denoted by a dotted underline
  • InfoDots - Page or section level explainatory text that is tied to a graphical information icon. When clicked it toggles to show or hide the text.

The terminology changes as well as the tooltip and infodot text is all contained in the nav.properties file. You can review this copy of this file for format and basic content. The is representative of what will be in the 1.3 release but don't rely on this copy to use in your grouper deployment. It may differ from what is officially in the build.


Modification of terms will include both changes to the text and changes to capitalization. All text will be converted form title case (every word cap'd) to sentence case (initial cap) to follow emerging trends in UI design.  
All text changes are based on the terms spreadsheet as part of the UI analysis that was reviewed and agreed upon by the UI subgroup.



Tooltips functionality was added to version 1.3 and was implemented across most of the grouper UI. The intention is to provide a more self-service supportable interface that scales to a large userbase.
Tooltips are defined in the nav.properties file and are of the following format
tooltips must start with "tooltip."   Terms start with "term."
 there should be one and only one tooltip for a term.
 tooltips and terms are linked by the common name,
 which is the suffix of the nav.properties key.  e.g.
 tooltip.group=A group is a collection
 tooltip.groups=Groups are many people or groups
These terms are related to the single tooltip 'tooltip.groups=' because the terms are all named groups

For more information on tooltips see the technical documentation on tooltips


Infodot functionality was added to version 1.3 and is implemented initialy as a page level item. At the page level it is based on the page title and subtitle. These items are controlled dynamically by the tile, title.jsp
infodots in the nav.properties file must be of the following format:

infodot must start with "infodot."  and the ones based on the page titles, that are generated dynamically, need to be of the format "infodot.title." So a name for an infodot is based on title nav.properties id, and if there is a subtitle it will be concatenated. The page logic will display the infodot icon if there is an infodot based on that name.
Additionally, the name of the infodot will appear in the HTML comments so it is easy to configure.

Here is an example comment that you will see in the page source:
  trying title infodot with key: infodot.title.groups.all

So here is the corresponding entry that would be in nav.properties:
infodot.title.groups.all=Find a group, click on the group name and act on the group (edit properties, show members, etc) using the buttons at the bottom of the screen 

For more information on tooltips see the technical documentation on infodots

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