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Note: The Grouper Project at Cornell is no longer active.


Presentations & Posters

Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting, Arlington VA - April 23-23, 2007

  • LDAP Group Security - These slides describe a solution for maintaining the "read" attribute for groups.  I.e., if "GrouperAll" has read priv for a group, then anyone can look at the members of that group.  If "GrouperAll" does not have read priv, then we can use directory binddn's to access the membership list by giving it read priv for the group.  (So application binddn's are exposed as subjects to the grouper UI). 
  • Cornell University AuthZ: Replacing a System that Sorta Works - This presentation describes some of the issues we have run into and solutions we have come up with while planning the replacement of our current "permit server" with Grouper.

    CAMP: Distributed Access Management, Denver, CO - November 7-9, 2006

NERCOMP, Worchester, MA - March, 2006

Of Note:

     Permit Server Grouper Comparison - This table compares the features of our current Authorization system (the Permit Server) with Grouper...

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