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Grouper Web Services


Has member will see if a group contains a subject as a member


  • Can base member list based on memberfilter (e.g. All, Immediate, Effective)
  • Can pass in Field name to query based on Field (e.g. admins, optouts, optins, etc from Field table in DB)
  • Lookup subjects by subject lookup (by id, source, identifier, etc)
  • Lookup groups by group lookup (by name or uuid)
  • Returns group / subject information, can be detailed or not
  • Can actAs another user
  • For 2.0+, you can pass in pointInTimeFrom and pointInTimeTo to check members at a certain point in time in the past, or in a date range. This should be formatted: yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.SSS

Has member Lite service

  • Accepts one group and one subject to see if member
  • Documentation: SOAP (click on hasMemberLite), REST (click on hasMemberLite)
  • For REST, the request can put data in query string (in URL or request body)
  • REST request (colon is escaped to %3A): GET /grouper-ws/servicesRest/v1_3_000/groups/aStem%3AaGroup/members/10021368
    • Note: if passing data in request body e.g. actAs, use a POST
  • (see documentation above for details): Request object, response object
  • Response codes
  • Samples (all files with "Lite" in them, click on "download" to see file)

Has member service

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