Grouper Demo Access Information

We encourage you to try out the Grouper Demo.

To access the demo, you register first. To do his, go to the Demo jump page and click the "self-register" link next to Grouper UI (most recent version).  Then go back to the Demo jump page and click on the "Grouper UI vX.Y" link.

Self-registering for the Grouper Demo will work with your institutional credentials if your institution releases EPPN.  If not, you will see a blank screen or error message. If this happens, you need to use: "Social Login by Cirrus". Then you can use Google, Windows, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

The Grouper Team will receive notification when you register, and will add you to a folder with STEM privileges so you can create objects.


  • The Grouper Demo server is for showing the capabilities of various versions of Grouper.
  • The Grouper Demo is not for any real or production use.
  • The Grouper Demo might go down for maintenance or whatever reason at any time, do not rely on it being up.
  • If you want to use the Grouper Demo for a formal demo to a group, please email to request a timespan where we will try not to do maintenance.
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