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Stakeholders, Influencers and Influences

Different audiences will need to be invited to engage on different aspects of this work. It will be important for Working Group members to bring the perspective and represent the interests of at least the following stakeholder groups.  Please edit the  page and put your name under the type of stakeholder whose interests you agree to actively represent in working group activities. Feel free to add more types of stakeholders to the end of the page if you think we are missing an important category.

IAM software component designers and developers

WG members: Chris Hyzer, Jim Fox, Derek Owens


Campus IAM and security service providers

WG members: Tom Jordan, Rob Carter, Marlena Erdos, Derek Owens, Jorj Bauer

Campus integration teams

WG members: Keith Hazelton, Rob Carter, Harry Samuels, Ben Harner

Application developers

WG members: Michael Hodges, Ben Harner

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