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Notes from the use case breakout session

The breakout group explored the use case analysis methodology suggested on Monday.

The group discussed several diverse use cases and attempted to decomplose them, determining essential elements and isolating common elements.

Cases discussed:

1.    Virtual Organization with little structure in itself and no formal links between members in any single IdM system. Needs to interact w an org. to manage grant money. Needs more exploration

2.   A nuclear lab -- members of the VO coming from diverse locations need access to lab facilities at Duke U managed by different groups at Duke.  Many people in VO have no formal relationship w Duke.

3.    A University library has material in its collection which it wants to make available to folks ... only when physically on university property. The materials can be viewed by staff from anywhere.

4.    A member of VO wants access to a diverse set of wikis at a diverse set of institatuions. These  wikis have links to each other.  Person seeking material needs access that's transparent.

The goal is to put together a reusable design pattern for approaching similar use cases. Explored each in detail to understand the real world implications

Common factors: a VO with littler or no formal identitiy, needs to gain access to resources secured by a formal organ w strict access controls

But are there common elements in use cases, or just coincidental similarities? Need to validate that

Didn't get far enough with this, to see the circle in Rob's presentation of taxonomy use cases solution pattern, etc.
Made enough of a start to have good reason to be optimistic.
Work should continue

Jon from U of Illinois at Urbana commented  he is a fan of  Gang of 4 of design patterns. Concept of authorization speaks of this pattern concept.  Is there any research or literature on this? Creating a library of auth patterns and relating them to solutions that work? Could explore library space for work in this area.

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