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Lightning Talk on Financial Workflows

at Access Management CAMP in Philadelphia June 15, 2009

Jimmy Vuccolo, Pennsylvania State University

A couple of years ago, I participated in one meeting about workflow at Penn State.
Turned into a lifetime of meetings.

In the financial operations of Penn State most access management mechanisms  were hard coded.
When someone resigned or changed departments, there was a need to manually remove them.

This was an expensive solution.

PSU used an LDAP approach to create a better system, using roles to control access. Took the policy and made it into
actual software called WebRAT.

Now we need to figure out how to take WebRAT and make it work for the academic/research community.

Q:  Are roles are different for academic than for finance dept?

A:  Yes. In academic side we don't have spending limits.  Couldn't reuse sane roles.
Tool has to gather info to define roles.

Comment: U-M has a similar situation. Debating if we need to build something to capture
who is everyone's budget approver, etc.  Haven't started or scoped the project.

Comment: Data sources are the big problem.

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