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This page documents that process around the CACTI-inquiry email list.


  • The is used for community members to send ideas/concerns to CACTI

  • This email list will be publicized at top of CACTI public wiki and will be shared when CACTI chair reports to community on CACTI activities.

Setup of the list

  • Emails sent to will go to CACTI chair, CACTI flywheel, and other Internet2 staff who are on CACTI. 
    • All other CACTI members are also list subscribers, but with the NO-MAIL option. This is to prevent multiple CACTI members responding to an inquiry which could be chaotic. 
  • Emails will be handled by the chair and flywheel within 4 days whenever possible.

  • CACTI chair will be the primary person in charge of replying to the inquiries.
  • CACTI members will want to see the emails / suggestions that are sent to this list and the replies, therefore there will be a section on the CACTI agenda so interested CACTI members know to check the archive HERE if emails have been received.
  • The archives are viewable by CACTI members but not by the public.

Maintaining the List

  • The flywheel is responsible for going to SYMPA and updating the CACTI-inquiry subscribers list when new CACTI members finish their term or start their term.
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