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In August 2018 CACTI was asked to assess the recommendations made in the v2 FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations) paper alongside Internet2’s Trust and Identity portfolio’s progress.

The final recommendations from CACTI are available here: and serve to help us shape the R&E Trust and Identity journey. 

Many thanks to all who participated across the Internet2 community and working groups for their passion in support of collaboration in the research and education community.

Not already engaged in a working group or activity? There is a wealth of activity on trust and identity topics! Our working groups can be found here and welcome your participation: CACTI Resources 

The CACTI-discuss list is also available that is not topic specific and can be found here:

Background Resources for FIM4R assessment

Other Working documents for this activity

Additional Guidance on the Activity

  • Scope
    • Given time constraints  and strong desire to cast the net as widely as possible CACTI suggests:
      • Focus response to answer these 3 questions from a Working Group (WG) perspective:
        • What is supported from the FIM4R paper?
        • What is planned to being supported from the FIM4R paper. Estimation of arrival of planned work welcome?
        • What recommendations does the WG have for CACTI to focus on or introduce as a new activity to meet the FIM4R recommendations?
      • When responding,  CACTI suggests using the  FIM4R Section 5.6 Mapping of Groups to Recommendations  with one of the 3 groups as a minimum to characterize the work are:
        • 1st row - GEANT,Internet2,NRENS

        • 4th row - R&E Federations 

        • 3rd row -  Home Organizations

  • Our Suggested Deliverables

    • Output of the activity should minimally be:
      • A culminating PDF document of the assessment and recommendations report 
        • To expedite assembly, that the skeleton of the report be constructed in to be parallel to results being gathers
        • A presentation that summarizes key points to assist communicating results internally and externally
      • Invitation to others desiring to be involved to blog and/or communicate about the effort
  • Other comments

    • CACTI invites anyone to provide feedback on the cacti-discuss list or directly to CACTI.
    • Other outreach in progress:
      • The FIM4R group on the federated-identity at list
      • GÉANT