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  • Tom Jordan, University of Wisc - Madison (chair)  
  • Jill Gemmill, Clemson  (vice chair)   
  • Marina Adomeit, SUNET  
  • Matthew Economou, InCommon TAC Representative to CACTI 
  • Michael Grady, Unicon 
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech 
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College Chris Phillips, CANARIE 
  • Bill Thompson, Lafayette College


  • Kevin Morooney
  • Ann West 
  • Steve Zoppi
  • Nick Roy
  • Jessica Fink 
  • Emily Eisbruch 
  • Mike Zawacki


  • Kim Owen, NDSU (eduroam-US Advisory Commitee co-chair) - HERE
  • Rob Gorrell, UNCG (eduroam-US Advisory Commitee co-chair) - HERE


  • Rob Carter, Duke  
  • Margaret Cullen, Painless Security
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington 
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT  

New Action Item from this call

  • [AI ] MikeZ and TomJ arrange to have a CACTI representative join the next eAC call


IDPro Body of Knowledge follow-up on Higher Ed IAM profile work

      • Nick Roy, Heather Flanagan and a few others had a recent call to discuss possible work from InCommon community to enhance the IDPro body of knowledge.
      • It was concluded that the best use of time is to develop a high level Higher Ed profile of the IAM space.
      • Focus on needs and use cases in academia
      • Heather started outline
      • Next step is to add to the outline
      • Helpful for a small  group of people to work on this at the start.
      • Topics to mention (that may include differences between  Higher Ed and commercial IAM) include:
        • scale and diversity issues in Higher Ed space
        • Commercial identity takes an organizational perspective, whereas Higher Ed is focused on community.
      • ChrisP: IDPro can benefit from contributions of best practices in Higher Ed  
      • We may want to be protective of the amount time we devote to the IDPro Body of Knowledge effort,  since IDPro may be oriented primarily towards other constituents rather than Higher Ed
      • There are some issues with vocabulary being used so far in the IDPro Body of Knowledge
      • With financial constraints of campuses, there may be a heightened need for re-skilling of existing staff and this Higher Ed Profile work can be helpful

 eduroam-US Advisory Committee (eAC) co-chairs Kim Owen and Rob Gorrell

      • eduroam Advisory Committee   
      • Committee getting feet under them
      • Interested in lowering barriers to eduroam adoption
      • broadening the connectors community
      • There is already a good start on a Best practices guide 
      • Core theme - how to take success of eduroam at university level and roll eduroam out to community colleges etc.
      • Looking at the Impact of shift to remote instruction with COVID-19 pandemic

      • Support not only our universities but our communities
      • Issue of access to broadband in more rural areas
      • How can eduroam help to provide more ubiquitous access?
      • Delivering eduroam is one thing and delivering basic connectivity is another
      • Kim: North Dakota, tribal lands, tribal colleges and universities, focus on need to extend broadband access
      • North Carolina discussing using school buses as mobile hotspots for providing broadband access 
      • CANARIE having similar discussions, much focus on rural access
      • School boards issuing rocket hubs for those lacking internet access
      • CYBERA (regional network in Alberta) doing much work on rural network access for students. Connect with them if interested.
      • Perspective on engagement with network providers? Is there a way CACTI can help?
      • If state is involved w higher ed access, there may or may not be restrictions on the interface.  
      • School districts are talking to the mobile providers and implementing different solutions, working with the providers
      • Looking at opportunities for convergence, to get everyone going in same direction using eduroam versus one-off solutions per school district
      • Some districts using Verizon consumer hot spots
      • Can we offer a broader solution via eduroam?
      • Some have connections w state departments of public instruction
      • Do we have something to communicate the value proposition of engaging w eduroam? 
      • Value is there, how to lower barrier to adoption? 
      • Develop guide or cookbook? To simplify tasks if looking at eduroam
      • Literature / resources to compare eduroam to “what we have now”
      • Some sales work, look at Utah UETN example
      • Question on whether Starlink may be a player in the rural connectivity space and how that might affect eduroam or other last-mile connectivity
      • Starbucks model, what is difference between eduroam and free WIFI 
      • What if Starbucks, McDonalds Tim Hortons etc adopt eduroam 
      • There is municipal adoption of eduroam in some cases
      • Issue of competition with commercial options

               Next Steps

      • How can CACTI support the work of the eduroam AC? 
      • Rob: to be determined as time goes on 
      • Rob and Kim can bring the question to the eAC
      • Thanks Rob and Kim for their leadership of the eAC

  •   [AI ] MikeZ and TomJ arrange to have a CACTI representative join the next eAC call

InCommon Trusted Access Platform Software Integration connection points, Training intersections/etc

    • Jessica and TomJ have discussed polling InCommon membership on their top issues, then working on cookbooks
    • Cloud services cookbook is being refreshed by REFEDs
    • Jessica: there are various ways we can gather the info from the community, Jessica will help once CACTI sets direction
    • Software Integration working group is interested in helping
    • ChrisP working on cookbook with Microsoft Azure and eduroam
    • One challenge is finding a home for the cookbooks
    • Community looks at for guidance
      • There is a lack of guidance on that website

Continued NET+ CSTAAC collaboration on vendor influence 

    • Looking at next steps for this work, where are important points to engage
    • Interest in astrophysics community
    • How to leverage Azure cloud storage for astrophysics data posted on Microsoft cloud
    • How to get highly distributed researchers to access research data?
    • Use Proxies, engage with Google, Microsoft and Amazon to make platforms more useful to researchers by supporting federation.
    • As institutions we each have our talking points with the vendors
    • But helpful to talk w a common voice

Not discusssed on this call:

7 things for CI(S)Os to know 

      • Post-COVID how does our list change? Some of these things become even more important?
      • Does the crowd-sourcing / cookbooking conversation from last time connect in here?

Parking Lot

  1. EARN IT act follow-up (Kevin)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 26th, 2020


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