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  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE  (chair)
  • Warren Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /LIGO 
  • Tom Barton, U Chicago
  • Rob Carter, Duke
  • Nathan Dors, U Washington
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech 
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Tom Jordan, U Wisc - Madison  
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College   


  • Kevin Morooney  
  • Ann West  
  • Steve Zoppi
  • Emily Eisbruch  

  Absent:  Ann Harding (SWITCH/GEANT),  Jill Gemmill (Clemson),  Christos Kanellopoulos (GEANT)


Intellectual Property reminder


Action Item Review

Action Items table is here:
and also see action items here:

[AI] (Nathan) start discussion on CACTI email list (and draft) for questions to ask working group chairs and TAC, AAC, etc.  regarding working group status

[AI]  (Emily) make the CACTI Action Items page public once ChrisP double checks his report of recent conversation
 (DONE, removed link to ChrisP and KeithH conversation, see )

[AI] (ChrisP) Double check if it's OK to move record of recent conversation with KeithH to public wiki as part of moving CACTI action item to public wiki. (Still pending)


CACTI Members One on One Meetings with Chris

  • Chris is scheduling one on one chat with each CACTI member - feel free to reach out to him re scheduling. 

  • Feel free to reach out to Chris between calls if you have agenda items or issues you would like to have some “air time” on calls


Approval of Minutes

Affirm July 25,, 2017 CACTI minutes are ready for public view (Objective: Discuss, Consensus sought- 3 min)
 Please review & provide suggestions or approval in a comment here:

  • 4  'approvals' in comments indicate consensus that the minutes are ready for publishing publicly

  • UPDATE: received 4 OK's on the July 25, minutes and they are now in the public area  2017 CACTI Minutes


Updates/Additions to CACTI Processes  

CACTI Inquiry email list

 Moving CACTI action items page to public

  • Waiting for ChrisP to verify regarding linking publicly to conversation with KeithH . Chris hopes to hear back from KeithH on this soon. 

  • UPDATE: CACTI Action Items wiki page is now moved to public area here:


Main Business

Developing / Refining CACTI work plan with a focus on working groups items (Objective: Inform, Discuss 45 minutes)

Focus will be on items around WG and quick overview for CACTI members for background on WG (ChrisP intro 5 min)

Reference Material for CACTI review:


  1. CACTI Work Items Draft List

  -Note that 3 items are work group related and urgency is high to address

  -Chris added the transition of 5 TIER Ad-Hoc Advisory to CACTI (large topic)

2. Review links on this page of CACTI resources
3. Review list of all Trust and Identity working groups:

Some working groups are chartered by InCommon TAC, some by the InCommon AAC, some by TIER, some by CACTI, some by the Community (such as the workday working group)

  • Question: for working groups spun up by InCommon TAC, what’s the relationship to CACTI?

  • Response: there is commonality since we are all working at a common enterprise, but there can admittedly  be some confusion.   CACTI provides the broader perspective when needed. We could address issues (if they arise) about who is in charge. 

  • Question: do most TAC and AAC working groups have a short life span? 

  • Response: yes, these working groups are intended to address a particular issue/topic and have an end date
. TIER working groups (TIER API working group, TIER Packaging WG) may go on for longer.  The TIER Working Groups have tasks and are identifying programmatic needs. 

It was noted that the duration of WG may impact how CACTI interacts with them
. CACTI may interaction with TAC and AAC around their chartered working groups, rather than directly with the chartered working groups.

CACTI may look at gaps. For example: Security and Audit WG, there is a potentially different area of focus, with potentially focus on InCommon and Internet2 internal operations , and also the focus on TIER Security.  

  • Question: How does CACTI get an understanding of the working group landscape? 

  • Response: SteveZ and AnnW can provide the internal environment scan
. MACE used to provide external environment scan. CACTI can convene the identerati to continue that.


Additional Comments

  • The T&I working groups may benefit from appropriate prodding by some body, such as CACTI, to be sure they are driving themselves to a deadline. Deadlines help propel the activities

  • The community has a finite amount of resources. CACTI has a finite amount of resource. CACTI needs to understand the resource issues

  • The info that came out of the 2016 Deep Dive provides some insight.  Some of the condensed Deep Dive  info should be shared with CACTI

  • It is important to continue building the pipeline
 for contributing community members.
  • We need to broaden appeal to get more understanding in the community, and to have better outreach to corporate partners around federation.  We need to find out requirements from those not participating in the working groups.

  •  It would be helpful to have info on percent complete for each working group
  • It was decided to change “chartered by” column for the TIER working groups from “TIER Ad Hoc Advisory” to “CACTI”   Emily update the "Chartered by" column for TIER working groups to indicate now accountable to CACTI 


Working Group Reports to CACTI

It could be helpful to invite the WG chairs to send CACTI a status report

CACTI would ask TAC and AAC in the case of working groups chartered by TAC and AAC.
 CACTI could directly reach out to MACE-Directories and Grouper

Possible  key questions to ask as we reach out to WG Chairs, AAC and TAC regarding their active working groups:

1. Percent complete
2. What are you not able to do due to resource constraints? 

 It was suggested for CACTI members to discuss best practices and health metrics on the CACTI  email list to help formulate best questions

[AI] Nathan start discussion on CACTI email list (and draft) for questions to ask working group chairs and TAC, AAC, etc.  regarding working group status

  • Suggestion to keep the questions and process light

  • Comment: useful to get the big scope, but we should pay attention first to any working groups that may be failing

Community Reports 
 Please see report out process introduced from last meeting 

▪ if a community report needs time/has detail, please create a page and link it into agenda & we can take questions during call.

1. Trust and Identity and Internet2 overall - Kevin  

2. TIER - Steve

3. InCommon and Working Groups - AnnW

4. Processes to Maintain Baseline Expectations by InCommon and its members - Consultation open until Aug. 18, 2017

5. MACE -

6. International / Recent activities


  •  Pubcookie SSO is being retired. So better protocols can replace the old ones. 


CACTI at 2017 TechX

  • MACE/CACTI Dinner, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 at 6:30pm


Parking lot for now

  •  Identerati / Identity Professionals activity (Object: Discuss 0 minutes)

  • Next steps on Identerati /  Identity Professionals activity? 

     How should we leverage this resource?

Next CACTI Call: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at at 11am ET/ 1500 UTC