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  • Chris Phillips, CANARIE  (Chair)   
  • Tom Barton, U. Chicago   
  • Rob Carter, Duke   
  • Nathan Dors, U. Washington   
  • Karen Herrington, Virginia Tech
  • Todd Higgins, Franklin & Marshall College   
  • Tom Jordan, U. Wisc - Madison    
  • Les LaCroix, Carleton College   
  • Warren Anderson, LIGO
  • Christos Kanellopoulos, GEANT


  • Kevin Morooney
  • Ann West   
  • Emily Eisbruch   
  • Steve Zoppi

Regrets:   Jill Gemmill, Clemson; Ann Harding, SWITCH/GEANT

 Action items here:  


Update from OIDC-OAuth WG (Nathan)

  • Nathan has created a roadmap for the OAuth/OIDC Deployment working group
  • Roadmap:
    • Walk through on the roadmap leveraging CACTI Draft processes
    • Deliverables – any status changes on deliverables or other work products?
    • Schedule – are you on schedule?
  • At TechEx 2017  there were several sessions on OAuth/OIDC
  • Working group calls are around info sharing, including with GEANT and REFEDs
  • Goal is to develop best practices and look at standards with the hope of increased standardization
  • There are existing profiles around multilateral federation ( from iheart and igov Supporting veterans) around security
  • igov draft profile:
  • Hope to complete best practices and other deliverables by TechEx 2018
  • Making efforts to avoid reinventing work already being done elsewhere
  • GEANT is looking at Shib IDP enhancements around OAuth/OIDC, this would be worth taking into account.
  • RolandH is the liaison between the GEANT work, including the Shib work, and the InCommon TAC OIDC/OAuth WG
  • Christos: In GEANT there is a focus on metadata handling. There is also interest in the research space on how to leverage OIDC as a protocol.
  • Developing the OP (OpenIDConnect Provider) part of the Shib IdP, roadmap is for next 12 months
  • Some apps may want access tokens, this could become a gap that limits uptake and adoption,
  • Hope to wrap up OAuth/OIDC Deployment working group by end of 2018
  • Resources are challenging, Community time is limited
  • Nathan will share progress with InCommon TAC
  • There are participants on the WG calls who want to learn about this area. Have added to the roadmap to collect learning materials.
  • Key questions for any working group that reports to CACTI

    • Scope – do you need to modify your planned deliverables?
    • Cost/resources – are you utilizing resources as planned?
    • Dependencies – have your dependencies changed significantly?
    • Accomplishments – any recent accomplishments you'd like to highlight?
    • Acknowledgements – who would you like to acknowledge? what did they do? what did they have?
    • Risks/blockers – any major risks/blockers?
    • Opportunities – any major new opportunities?
       – what can CACTI do to help your working group be successful?

Report on Internet2 T&I area goals for 2018 (AnnW)

  • The Internet2 VPs are working through the Internet2 priorities
  • Howard Pfeffer, relatively new CEO of Internet2, held a recent retreat looking at the organizational goals
  • Each of the VPs articulated their division’s project plan
  • It is an iterative process
  • 2018 - finishing things and kicking off other things
  • Finishing off retooling for Federation, updates to Federation Manager
  • Now work on backend metadata, with move to MDQ by end of 2018
  • TIER - final updating of working of Phase 1 of TIER
  • Based on the initial requirements
  • Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation
  • Being collaboration ready - to facilitate research and collaboration
  • Next steps for T&I - engaging the community. The OIDC work feeds into a broad set of initiatives that could inform the planning
  • AnnW has been in discussions with Internet2 MarComm about communications to the community on the T&I Activities
  • AnnW - The InCommon project managers are coordinating the best way to get updates from WG chairs and those will be shared with CACTI and the community

Report out on Next Gen Identity Workshop Karen Herrington led at Common Solutions Group

  • 30 institutions participate in Common Solutions Group
  • 3.5 hours workshop on Next Gen Identity
  • Presentation from USC, the host institution, about their Identity work and their roadmap
  • User Experience
  • Social Identity
  • Role Based Access
  • All institutions that presented who do role based access, do it using Grouper
  • Feedback heard at CSG - Grouper is a tool, and there is a gap between providing the service for role based access. However, it’s acknowledged that this can be individual per campus. Chris Hyzer and KarenH will do a joint presentation on Grouper at Global Summit. KarenH will focus her part on role based access
  • Topics for Next Gen Identity Workshop were chosen based on a poll done on Slack
  • Did not have time for presentation on Internet of Things at Common Solutions Group but Karen will present on Internet of Things at 2018 Global Summit.

Nathan - Need for ORCID ID for government grants could become an important topic

CACTI F2F at 2018 Global Summit in San Diego

- A placeholder has been submitted for a CACTI F2F

Next CACTI Call:  Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018 at 11am ET