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Grey shading indicates a working group has completed its work or is on hiatus.

Table of Contents

Community Cloud Meetings

MeetingChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time
Higher Ed Cloud Collaboration CallBob Flynn, Indiana University;
Jody Couch, UCSC;
Damian Doyle, UMBC
EDUCAUSE and Internet2 CharteredActiveFourth Wednesday of the Month at Noon ET
Cloud ForumSarah Christen, Cornell UniversityCommunity CharteredActiveAnnual; typically the first week of November
Cloud Networking/Network Automation Workshop

Roger Stoen, University of Minnesota; 
Eric Boyd, University of Michigan; 
Alok Vimawala, University of Michigan

Community CharteredActiveAnnual; typically May

Internet2 and EDUCAUSE Groups

GroupChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time

EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Community Group (CCCG)

Bob Flynn, Indiana University;
Jody Couch, UCSC;
Damian Doyle, UMBC

EDUCAUSE CharteredActiveIn-person at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference; Monthly calls
EDUCAUSE CCCG Engagement TeamBob Flynn, Indiana University;
Jody Couch, UCSC;
Damian Doyle, UMBC
EDUCAUSE CCCG CharteredActiveAd Hoc
Shared Cloud Security Assessments Working Group (HECVAT)

Chair: Jon Allen, Baylor

Core team: Josh Callahan, Humboldt State, Susan Coleman, REN-ISAC; Charlie Escue, Indiana University ; Brian Kelly, Educause; Nick Lewis, Internet2

Community Chartered with EDUCAUSE, Internet2, REN-ISACActiveDependent on deliverables, but over the sub-groups, meets weekly

NET+ Program Advisory Group

Sean O'Brien, Internet2 (staff liaison)Internet2 CharteredActiveMonthly
NET+ Business, Procurement and Legal Advisory Committee (BPLAC)Sean O'Brien, Internet2 (staff liaison)Internet2 CharteredActiveTBD
Cloud Services Technical Architecture Advisory Committee (CSTAAC)Sara Jeanes, Internet2 (staff liaison)Internet2 CharteredActiveMonthly

Service Provider Specific Advisory Groups

Advisory GroupChairChartered byStatus
Google Customer Advisory Board (CAB)Bob Flynn, Indiana UniversityService Provider CharteredActive
NET+ AWS Advisory BoardGerard Shockley, Boston UniversityInternet2/Service Provider CharteredActive
NET+ Google Cloud (GCP) Advisory BoardSara Jeanes, Internet2 (contact)Internet2/Service Provider CharteredFuture

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