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Grey shading indicates a working group has completed its work or is on hiatus.

Table of Contents

Community Cloud Meetings

MeetingChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time
Higher Ed Cloud Collaboration CallBob Flynn, Indiana University;
Bill Wrobleski, PSU;
Jody Couch, UCSC
EDUCAUSE and Internet2 CharteredActiveFourth Wednesday of the Month at Noon ET
Cloud ForumSarah Christen, Cornell UniversityCommunity CharteredActiveAnnual; typically the first week of November
Cloud Networking/Network Automation Workshop

Roger Stoen, University of Minnesota; 
Eric Boyd, University of Michigan; 
Alok Vimawala, University of Michigan

Community CharteredActiveAnnual; typically May

Internet2 and EDUCAUSE Groups

GroupChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time

EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Community Group (CCCG)

Bob Flynn, Indiana University;
Bill Wrobleski, PSU;
Jody Couch, UCSC

EDUCAUSE CharteredActiveIn-person at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference; Monthly calls
EDUCAUSE CCCG Engagement TeamBob Flynn, Indiana University;
Jody Couch, UCSC;
Damian Doyle, UMBC
EDUCAUSE CCCG CharteredActiveAd Hoc
Shared Cloud Security Assessments Working Group (HECVAT)

Chair: Jon Allen, Baylor

Core team: Josh Callahan, Humboldt State, Susan Coleman, REN-ISAC; Charlie Escue, Indiana University ; Brian Kelly, Educause; Nick Lewis, Internet2

Community Chartered with EDUCAUSE, Internet2, REN-ISACActiveDependent on deliverables, but over the sub-groups, meets weekly

NET+ Program Advisory Group

Sean O'Brien, Internet2 (staff liaison)Internet2 CharteredActiveMonthly
NET+ Business, Procurement and Legal Advisory Committee (BPLAC)Sean O'Brien, Internet2 (staff liaison)Internet2 CharteredActiveTBD

Service Provider Specific Advisory Groups

Advisory GroupChairChartered byStatus
Google Customer Advisory Board (CAB)Bob Flynn, Indiana UniversityService Provider CharteredActive
NET+ AWS Advisory BoardGerard Shockley, Boston UniversityInternet2/Service Provider CharteredActive
NET+ Google Cloud (GCP) Advisory BoardSara Jeanes, Internet2 (contact)Internet2/Service Provider CharteredFuture

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