Those with many service providers in the InCommon Federation can now make a one-time bulk update to certain metadata elements that are currently blank. This feature was added with the November 5, 2018, Federation Manager update (version 3.11.0) specifically to help organizations meet the requirements of InCommon’s Baseline Expectations program.

Some organizations have dozens - or even hundreds - of service providers in the InCommon metadata and updating blank metadata elements one-by-one can be tedious. Site administrators can now do a one-time bulk update of these elements:

  •   Administrative contacts

  •   Security contacts

  •   Technical contacts

  •   Logo URL

  •   Privacy policy URL

Please note that Display Name cannot be updated from this page, because SPs and IdPs need different Display Names.

The new process will update these elements for all of an organization’s entities when the element is blank. Since this tool will set any blank elements to a new value, it is important that Site Administrators carefully check the updates they want to make before the updates are applied. Once the elements are set to a value, they can not be bulk updated a second time. Please also note that if any of these elements are blank on an organization’s IdP(s), they will also be updated by this process.

Below is a screen shot of the new interface. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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