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  • Requirements gathering is critical, balanced with the need to deploy useful solutions... 
  • Higher level strategic planning and gap analysis needed.
  • Documentation and communication needed, informing the community about the available tools and how they can be used to solve problems... 
  • This group needs to be cautious about how much we take on, and work to find others to contribute.
  • The Educause IAM group would be a good forum in which to continue many of these conversations.
  • Governance is an important aspect, and affects much of the work at hand.
  • More holistic approach needed? There has been an ad hoc, piecemeal approach to many of these topics in the past.
  • Recommendations for IAM SW vendors would be a useful outcome.
  • The forthcoming InCommon end user certs, and how they can be used for 2nd factor authn, is a brewing topic that ought to be addressed... The CP and CPS are currently in progress, and the hope is to go live in July. After the SSL certs are fully launched, they will be looking at where the community wants to go with the user certs...
  • Inputs/data sources for the systems generally require specific connectors -- generic connectors not really useful.
  • Good communication with developers about how they will be producing and consuming data is important -- what should the APIs look like? Different apps require different aspects of identity...
  • Functional specs of the integration need to be carefully defined by the app developers with input from the relevant stakeholders -- cross functional domain conversations.
  • Local identifiers in cross-domain apps become irrelevant, thus the need for useful unique global identifiers - e.g. e-mail address.
  • Similar contexts and requirements with different terms need to be taken into account.
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