Attending: Melissa Woo, Dennis Cromwell, Ann West, Klara Jelinkova, Pankaj Shah, Michele Norin, Dave Vernon, Susan Kelley, Steve Carmody, Sean Reynolds, Ted Hanss

With: Kevin Morooney, Ken Klingenstein

March 7 Minutes approved via Wisegate

SAML V2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability

TAC chartered the Federation Interoperability Working Group to start developing baseline practices with the goal of improving interoperability among InCommon participants. The working group has issued a report and developed an implementation profile, which has also been shared with Kantara for broader endorsement and promulgation as an international standard.

It was moved by Klara Jelinkova, seconded by Susan Kelley, to accept the SAML V2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability and the accompanying working group final report. Passed unanimously.

InCommon Privacy Policy

The draft policy was discussed during the March 7, 2016, Steering meeting and was open for review and comment from Steering through March 18. Comments came from several people, including Chris Homes, and were incorporated.

It was moved by Michele Norin, seconded by Dave Vernon, to adopt the InCommon Privacy Policy. Passed unanimously.

Steering Meeting at Global Summit

Both InCommon Steering and the TIER Community Investor Council will meet at the Internet2 Global Summit, Monday, May 16, with Steering meeting 8-10 am and the TCIC from 10 am - noon. All members of both groups are invited to both meetings. These are the items for the agenda so far. Steering members should submit additional items to Klara or Ann.

Proposed Steering Agenda Items

  1. InCommon Marketing Study Phase 1 results

  2. Operations review feedback

  3. eduGAIN Review - How it has gone, any feedback from participants

  4. Report on Trust and Identity “Deep Dive” - Kevin has put together a small group to evaluate assumptions and feedback coming from such areas as the recent InCommon operations review and TIER use cases. One of the goals is to build a roadmap on the resources needed for InCommon and TIER. They will meet in Denver the week of May 2.

  5. Shibboleth Consortium 

    1. Status, resources, history and current state

    2. How priorities are developed

    3. What has this meant operationally

    4. InCommon participants are heavily reliant on Shibboleth

Informational Items

Metadata failure on March 21 - See the message to the InCommon Steering email list for details. This also uncovered a significant bug in the Shibboleth Service Provider software, which will be very complicated to fix.

Steward Model - The draft of the Steward model is now complete. As a reminder, the Steward Program allows InCommon to partner with other non-profit organizations (state and regional R&E network providers currently) to scale the trust model (with the partner managing the legal, business, relationships, and support) for community colleges and K12 organizations.

This model is being shared with MCNC, with which we are conducting a pilot. We will also share this with the InCommon community for comment. This proof of concept will also help in the development of a business model. A couple of questions to address:

For more background see the Steward intent paper Partnering for K-14: InCommon Support Consortia and the Steward Model, and also the Steward Addendum to the InCommon Participation Agreement.

Next Meeting - Monday, May 9, 2016 - 4 pm ET