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Grouper is packaged in TIER as what the installer delivers on a MySQL (MariaDB) database.  It is a virtualbox image, which creates and runs a docker container.

The instructions handed over the TIER packaging team in 2016 to setup the applications are here

See the TIER packaging site for more information and download links,   Testbed

Future work includes using Shibboleth for UI authentication, configuring provisioning, user management with COManage, having an upgrade/patch process, TIER API tomee, etc.

Jankins log

Latest instructions

Running the current VM

Note, The VM requires internet access to finish setup BEFORE it can be used. So you MUST give it internet access at least during the initial setup.

Note, if things freeze Oracle VirtualBox might have run out of resources and paused.  Just go to the main VirtualBox window and click pause to run it again

Start using Grouper ! (smile)

Discussion with Levvel August 1st, 2016

Testing a Grouper container

See Also

TIER-Grouper Release 17040 (in the TIER Packaging wiki)