Attending: Sean Reynolds, Melissa Woo, Michael Gettes, Susan Kelley, Dave Vernon, Von Welch, Dennis Cromwell, Chris Spadanuda, Klara Jelinkova, Ted Hanss, Steve Carmody, Pankaj Shah, Michele Norris, Ann West

With: Kevin Morooney

Election of Officers for 2016

Chair - Klara Jelinkova

Vice Chair - Pankaj Shah

Secretary - Michael Gettes

These three comprise the executive committee, which devises the agenda the week prior to the full Steering meeting. After discussion, it was decided the exec calls will be open to all Steering members. Calls are the Monday prior to full Steering (last Monday of the month) at 4 pm. The group may also invite subject matter experts, if needed.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from January 25, 2016, were approved

TAC Membership

Steering reviewed the TAC membership list. One concern was raised as to the heavy R1 presence on TAC. Steve Carmody noted that TAC made a concerted effort to achieve a broader representation, including contacting groups like CLAC (a consortium of liberal arts schools). He noted that, of the six new members, only one is from an R1 school.

It was moved, seconded and approved to appoint the slate of TAC members, as recommended:

Returning members:

    1.    Tom Barton, University of Chicago

    2.    Scott Cantor, Ohio State University

    3.    Steven Carmody, Brown University

    4.    Michael Gettes, Penn State University

    5.    Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    6.    Jim Jokl, University of Virginia

    7.    Chris Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

New members

    8.    Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College

    9.    Walter Hoehn, University of Memphis

    10.    Kim Milford, REN-ISAC

    11.    Tom Mitchell, GENI project

    12.    Mark Scheible, MCNC

    13.    Albert Wu, UCLA

First Month Observations - Kevin Morooney (Internet2 VP of Trust and Identity)

Kevin summarized some of this activity during his first (almost) month on the job:

Seemingly everything needs or is aiming for clarity, maturity, sustainability, reliability. Scalability seems to be on everyone’s mind, in the form of maturity.

There is some anxiousness in the community about TIER and InCommon and how they relate. There is overlap between TIER and InCommon and there will be interconnectedness. One issue that will be a matter of core interest to InCommon Steering is whether InCommon should remain as a separate LLC (separate from Internet2). Is this still valuable or is it hampering ability to move in an agile way?

Kevin recommended reviewing the InCommon Operations Review from late 2015. There are a number of things that will impact Steering.

Salesforce integration will be a big deal for the Internet2 organization, as will service management and adoption.

By Internet2 charter, Trust and Identity needs a Program Advisory Group (PAG). This is related to Steering, to the decisions about the LLC, and to the relationship between InCommon and TIER.

Steering would like to schedule time with Kevin at the Global Summit.

Next Meetings

Steering Exec - February 29, 2016 - 4 pm ET

Full Steering - March 7, 2016 - 4 pm ET