InCommon Steering Committee Meeting - November 3, 2014

Attending: Klara Jelinkova, Dennis Cromwell, Susan Kelly, Dave Vernon, Michael Gettes, Steve Carmody, Jack Suess, Steve Devoti, Ken Klingenstein, Bill Yock

With: John Krienke, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Shel Waggener

Action Items

(AI) Klara will contact nominees to collect information about their experience with IAM and ask for bio information

(AI) John Krienke will contact Steering Exec members on their availability for a Nov. 24 meeting

(AI) Steering members are asked to review the notes from Oct. 27 and be ready for continuing the discussion of InCommon’s scope on December 1.


Steering approved minutes from October 6, 2014 (Susan abstained)


There are three seats open on InCommon Steering (those currently occupied by Joel Cooper, Jack Suess, Bill Yock. Steering needs to provide two nominees for each seat to Shel Waggener (as Internet2’s representative). There is a large group of nominees. The goal is to have a revised list by November 20, with bio info for remaining nominees.

InCommon role/scope

Officers for 2015

Next Meetings