InCommon Steering Committee Meeting - October 27, 2014

8 am - Noon - JW Marriott Indianapolis - Room 205

Attending: Klara Jelinkova, Steve Devoti, Jack Suess, David Vernon, Dennis Cromwell, John O’Keefe, Joel Cooper, Michael Gettes, Mark Crase, Ken Klingenstein, Steve Carmody (on phone), Chris Holmes (on phone)

With: John Krienke, Shel Waggener, Steve Zoppi, Dean Woodbeck

Trusted Identity in Education and Research (TIER)

Klara reviewed the “Case for TIER” document with a goal of clarifying which areas will be the responsibility of InCommon. Shel commented that, for some time, identity projects were pursued, many with their own governance groups, then all rolled up into InCommon over the years. With TIER as a larger program, InCommon will be able to focus on issues that are core to the federation.

Steering went through a governance schematic that lists identity-related projects and programs and sorts them into governance categories. These are the areas falling into the InCommon Steering sphere (in no particular order):

Some of the discussion included:

Klara went around the table asking Steering members “what are we about”

Goals and Strategies

Shifted to the goals and strategies worksheet. Steering went through the goals and strategies as a way to further determine the scope for Steering and InCommon.

Affiliate Program

Ann O'Beay, Ann West, and Ana Huntsinger joined the meeting to discuss merging the InCommon Affiliate Program with the Internet2 industry program.

Ann West provided a background for the Affiliate Program:

Ann O'Beay discussed the options for Affiliates under the transition proposal.

  1. Affiliates with a cloud IAM-related service to sell can join the Internet2 NET+ program
  2. Affiliates with a non-cloud IAM-related service could become a NET+ service provider in the Trust and Identity portfolio in a yet-to-be-defined subcategory
  3. Affiliates will be able to join the proposed Internet2 Catalyst Program (part of the Internet2 Industry Program) to signal support for best practices. The goal is to create community-approved best practices and engage corporate service providers in implementation
  4. Affilates could become a member of Internet2 as an industry member

The proposed price structure includes unbundling benefits, lower dues for most Affiliates ($2,500 for those with less than $10 million in revenue, vs. the $6,000 InCommon fee), and a la carte pricing for some benefits (meeting registration, exhibit tables, sponsorship booths, webinars).

The timeline would be to use 2015 as a transition year, with the new dues structure and a la carte pricing effective in January 2015, with the transition completed by January 2016.

Subcommittee Structure

There was discussion about the subcommittee structure – reviewing its effectiveness and whether we have the right subcommittees. Some of the comments:

Steve Carmody reviewed TAC’s approach in 2014. TAC created a set of working groups targeted at the priorities defined by InCommon. These working groups all have written charters, so their work is scoped, and all will produce docyments and recommendations. TAC will then review these and bring recommendations to Steering.

Next Steps and Communications


Next Meeting – Monday, Nov. 3, 4 pm ET