InCommon TAC Meeting 2014-11-13

Thursday, November 13, 2014
1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PT

Attending: Steve Carmody, Nick Roy, Scott Cantor, Mike Lahaye, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, Paul Caskey, David Walker

With: John Krienke, Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, IJ Kim, Nate Klingenstein, Steve Zoppi

Carryover Action Items

(AI) Steve Carmody and John Krienke will prune the list to no more than a quarter of this size

(AI) TAC review the list and let Dean know if done or not

TAC 2015 Priorities

This continued the discussion from the Oct. 29, 2014, meeting, concerning the priorities for 2015. The list generated during the Oct. 29 meeting was split into two lists, one listing “problems” and the other listing “solutions.” The goal is to develop a shorter list to send to the Steering Programs Subcommittee to include with their priority-setting work.

The five priorities from the "problems" list to be forwarded are:

  1. There is an insufficient baseline of expectations of Participants and Affiliates, and a lack of monitoring or providing feedback about this status, and insufficient tools to implement some desirable expected behaviors.
  2. InCommon communicates with member campuses via Central IT (whose primary concern may be interoperating with commercial SPs); however, InCommon is also serving the instructional and research communities on those campuses, and is dependent on the relationship between those groups on each campus. Consequently, InCommon is more effective at supporting commercial SPs, and less effective at supporting instructional and research SPs.
  3. It's still too hard for Participants to federate, including internal circumstances and implementation of federation technology
  4. InCommon itself is not yet sufficiently capable of adapting to its evolving environment, technologically and among other R&E Feds. (resources, prioritization, process to reach consensus).
  5. Federation value proposition is not well understood by members and non-members alike, or high enough for some parties. Further, InCommon’s purpose is not clearly established and understood.

The five priorities from the "priorities/solutions"  list are:

  1. Develop a more effective practice to monitor, measure, report, inform, remind, publish, …, a variety of participant expectations, and to better establish federation value and effectiveness of its programs
  2. Outreach programs with the objective to help campuses work their internal circumstances to be able to release attributes and participate in security incident response. Might be direct to campus, might be direct to other orgs that in turn reach out to campuses. (reworded by stc – Change the community’s perception of attribute release, from “something to be avoided” to “something that’s necessary, in order for our communities to collaborate, and its perfectly legal to do so”.) (Ramp up and focus outreach efforts on getting campuses to adopt recommended best practices; attribute release and security incident response)
  3. Finish specification and implementation of IdPoLR for R&S. (reworded by stc - Create options allowing faculty and staff from campuses that do NOT operate IDPs that release attributes to R&S SPs to participate in IC. eg idpolr, S2S GW) (in support of research and scholarship)
  4. Make it easier for a campus to be represented by an IDP (easier for them to deploy, easier for them to get someone else to deploy it for them) (Alt IDPs WG recommendations; tie to problem #3)
  5. Fully design and implement edugain integration. (including participating in best practice discussions)

(AI) Steven Carmody and Keith Hazelton (and whomever else wishes to) will edit these for clarification and to send to Steering Program subcommittee.

Internet Spaces Wiki to eduGAIN

There have been requests to include the spaces wiki as an SP exported to eduGAIN. IJ is working on this.


Scott discussed the MARI plan (which was discussed at ACAMP) and has cone a patch. The “meta” attribute concept was discussed at ACAMP and on the REFEDS email list (

Next Meeting – Thursday, December 11 – 1 pm ET