Research & Scholarship Attribute Bundle

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Identity providers are encouraged to release the R&S attribute bundle to all R&S service providers:

It is easy to configure a Shibboleth IdP to release the R&S attribute bundle to all R&S SPs. If, however, you are using SAML software that does not support entity attributes, consider releasing the Essential Attribute Bundle to all SPs instead.

An identity provider (IdP) supports the Research & Scholarship (R&S) Category if, for some subset of the IdP's user population, the IdP releases a minimal subset of the R&S attribute bundle to R&S service providers without administrative involvement, either automatically or subject to user consent.

Minimal Subset of the R&S Attribute Bundle

The following attributes constitute a minimal subset of the R&S attribute bundle:

For the purposes of access control, a non-reassigned persistent identifier is REQUIRED. If your deployment of eduPersonPrincipalName is non-reassigned, it will suffice. Otherwise you MUST release eduPersonTargetedID (which is non-reassigned by definition) in addition to eduPersonPrincipalName. In any case, release of both identifiers is RECOMMENDED.

An Optimization

If a service provider lists any of the person name attributes in metadata, the identity provider MUST release some form of person name, either displayName or givenName + sn. Beyond that, an identity provider is NOT REQUIRED to release any attribute not listed in metadata.