Performance Working Group Charter (Draft)

In the research and education community, the ability to monitor and measure the performance of physical networks and the applications and resources that utilize them is a critical component of successful operations. The Performance Working Group will focus on the performance and measurement tools, applications, implementations, and infrastructure needed to support the performance and measurement needs of the R&E community.

The Performance Working Group will:

1. Share and build the community's information base about performance and measurement activities in the R&E community.

2. Discuss and, where possible/appropriate, document and develop "pretty good practices."

3. Identify use cases and user communities and seek to:

4. This working group encourages participation and representation from R&E organizations of all sizes and capabilities and will work to leverage community expertise:

The Performance Working Group is guided by these principles:

The Working Group will operate under the terms of the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.


The Working Group will: