Topics, 2007

  1. The official pronouncement of a new eP*Affiliation value, "library-walk-in" (19-Nov)
  2. Attribute mongering (8-Oct-07)
         - Schac
  3. IMS Course Management System v2 and implications:  (8-Oct-07)
    Charter has course template, course offering and section is aligned with that.
  4. Do we need to have explicit single string way to assert bearer has entitlement y from identity provider z? (8-Oct-07)
         - Current rule on ePE says that the "Issuer" element is the implicit value for z.
         - Are there use cases that will force us to reexamine this?
  5. When the value of an attribute assertion in a SAML expression is natively an XML document or fragment... (8-Oct-07)
  6. we have SQL, LDAP & SAML. Is anyone writing web service endpoints for attribute delivery? (8-Oct-07)
  7. Attribute aggregation: update (8-Oct-07)
  8. SP attitudes and  attributes (8-Oct-07)
  9. URLs vs. URNs: (8-Oct-07)
  10. Integration of Radius & SIP: ID attributes used in challenge/response; coding to keep them out of the clear: (8-Oct-07)
  11. Proposal to add "applicant" to eP*Affiliation controlled vocabulary:
  12. Coordinating IdP practices around changes in Attribute Release Policy.
  13. eduPersonEntitlement
  14. Decision on revising MACE-Dir defined attribute profile for SAML (18-Jun-07)
  15. c (country) attribute (c.f. Tom Scavo's email, 22-Jan-07)

Extended Action Items