Version 2.0, Adopted December 8, 2011


Enterprise, Business and Technical Architecture has grown in importance as complexity has increased. Universities facing pressures to eliminate wasteful duplication and to ensure sound stewardship of resources are looking to standardize and streamline delivery of processes. Solutions are now orchestrated across technical silos and business units. They are highly integrated to carry out complex business processes. Security risks are compounded and distributed with every file transfer and every integration point. The cost and complexity of maintaining, upgrading and integrating systems has risen. The need for enterprise-wide principles, business process driven designs and holistic requirements is driving the need for architected solutions. The need to implement new strategic initiatives quickly is driving the need for a well architected organization.


ITANA is focused on developing the skills, tools and a suite of resources to assist institutions with their enterprise, business and technical architectural needs. ITANA serves higher education while drawing from other architecture groups (The Open Group, Microsoft, etc.) and vendors as needed.


(See the ITANA Capability Map)

There are four strategic goals for ITANA:

Practice Development

Knowledge Transfer

Community Building






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