InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

August 7, 2014 - Minutes

Attending: Ian Young, Michael Gettes, Jim Jokl, Scott Cantor, David Walker, Steve Carmody, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, Steve Olshansky

With: John Krienke, Tom Scavo, Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, Nate Klingenstein, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

New Working Groups

TAC approved the charter for the IdP of Last Resort Working Group:

TAC approved the charter for the Use Cases – New Entities Working Group:

REFEDS R&S Specification

There was a discussion about five proposed changes to the REFEDS R&S specification. After discussion, TAC agreed on the following:

Proposed change #1 is necessary

Proposed changes #2 and #4 – after extensive discussion about the language and the benefits of allowing for optional attributes, (AI) TAC agreed that, via email, the suggested language will be resolved and these proposals will likely be combined.

Proposed change #5 – is more implementation guidance and will not be proposed as a change in the spec.

TAC will only propose changes that it wishes to promote. (AI) Steve C. will send a note to Nicole Harris asking that she accept proposed changes through the end of August.

Certificate Service New CAs

InCommon is looking to introduce two new Certificate Authorities – one that supports SHA2 and on that supports ECC. Joe St Sauver is drafting CPS documentation. The PKI subcommittee will be asked to review the documentation, then Steering will need to approve.

(AI) John K. will ask Comodo about moving to support SHA2 in the other CAs, specifically to meet a Microsoft deadline of January 2016.

Exporting Miniaggregate to eduGAIN

This is a first step toward interfederation. InCommon has contact the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for permission to export the LIGO metadata in this aggregate to eduGAIN. With their approval, we will proceed.

Per-entity Metadata

Ian Young has deployed his work to the Amazon cloud and is looking to spin-up a pilot. Who should be invited to the pilot? That will shape the software requirements for what is deployed. (AI) John K will ask the Metadata Distribution Working Group if they will reconvene and make a recommendation about the first step in deploying per-entity metadata.

UC Trust and Community-based Service Categories

Ann will send an update on this project via email. Tom S has created a wiki page with information:

Next Meeting Aug. 21 – 1 pm ET