Draft Minutes: ITANA Steering Committee call of 02-May-2014


Rich Stevenson, University of Maryland University College (host)
Leo Fernig, University of British Columbia
Scott Fullerton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Piet Niederhausen, University of Washington
Jim Phelps, University of Washington


Face2Face 2014

Jim, Rich, and Leo are organizing F2F 2014 with a broad theme of Governance.

Participation in the Learning working group

The Learning Working Group and its reference architecture work have been hard to keep going in our existing model. We may need some new ideas for keeping working groups active. For example, the SC members may need to shift from leading the work in these groups to encouraging more participation and making sure certain themes are covered throughout the year.

The Learning group has some minor existing commitment to meet. Beyond that, Scott and Leo will lead further discussion on how to continue the work of the group. In particular, there's interest in continuing the work on data related to teaching and learning in relation to other non-ITANA initiatives.