Performance Working Group Call, Monday June 22, 2009


Carla Hunt, (Chair)
Azher Mughai, Cal Tech
Joe Metzger, ESnet
Chris Hawkinson, Cenic
Joe St. Sauver, Internet2
Jason Zurawski, Internet2
Jeff Boote, Internet2
Aaron Brown, Internet2
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)

Internet2 Updates

Jeff reported on Internet2 software development.

Joint Techs in Indianapolis, July 19-23

IPV6 Measurement Data

Joe St. Sauver noted that there is an interest in IPV6 measurement data. Joe proposed that Internet2 should begin to collect and make available IPv6 netflow data for research and analysis much in the same way it currently makes anonymized IPv4 flow data available. An anonymization policy for IPv6 data is required.

[AI] Joe will send a summary of the IPV6 measurement data topic to the Performance WG, the IPV6 WG and SALSA, including his recommendations. (DONE)

[AI]  Carla will put the IPV6 measurement data topic on the agenda for the Performance WG at Joint Techs.

Working Group Charter

Everyone is encouraged to review the proposed Performance WG charter.

[AI]  Carla will send link out to the group for the charter.  (DONE)

Sent comments/suggestions for the charter to Carla. The goal is to present the charter to the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) before Joint Techs.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be at Joint Techs in Indianapolis on Monday, July 20 from 3:30 - 4:50 p.m.

Phone dial-in will not be available due to the high cost at this venue.