Two Services Added to Research and Scholarship Category

Two services been approved for the InCommon Research and Scholarship Category (R&S). R&S allows participating identity providers to release a minimal set of attributes to an entire group of services, rather than negotiating attribute release one-by-one. The new R&S services include:

Service providers (SPs) eligible for the R&S category support research and scholarship services for the InCommon community. Participating identity providers (IdPs) agree to release a minimal set of attributes to R&S SPs (person name, email address, user identifier) after making a one-time configuration to the IdP’s default attribute release policy. This provides a simpler and more scalable approach to federation than negotiating attribute release individually with every service provider.

With the addition of these new services, there are now 10 R&S SPs. Also, 38 IdPs have indicated support for the R&S category. A complete list of R&S services and the IdPs that support R&S is maintained on the InCommon web site. See the InCommon wiki for See the InCommon wiki for more information about the R&S Category.