Attendees:  Jim Leous (Penn State), Christian Johansen (Penn State), Glenn Donaldson (Ohio State), Leo Fernig (UBC), Piet Niederhauser (Georgetown), Wayde Nie (McMaster), Jim Phelps (UW-Madison)
(1)  Opening Comments:  Congrats to Bob Morgan on his Internet2 President’s award.  Well deserved.
(2)  Jim Leous Penn State - What does Information Architecture mean?

(3)  Working Group / Peer-Group Check-In and Laundry List of Activities

(4)  Content Management for ITANA - Deep Dive
    Would the CoRAModel or other metamodel be the organizational model for content at least on one dimension.
    To carry on the conversation, who will participate: Christian, Piet (Lead), Wayde, Jim P


    Gaps and HighValue in Assets 

    Other Issues