Assurance Program: Community Resources

This site will house information about the InCommon Assurance specifications, implementation, and program. The primary documents are:

  • [Identity Assurance Assessment Framework|] \[PDF\]
  • [Identity Assurance Profiles|] \[PDF\]

Review the new IAAF and IAP now until May 7th at Assurance 1.2 Specification Review.

Webinar and Community Discussion

A webinar/community discussion will take place Thursday, April 19, at noon ET concerning the proposed changes in the IAAF and IAP.

Join the Adobe Connect session for slide sharing and to listen (
To participate in the conversation, also dial in:
       734-615-7474 (preferred) or 866-411-0013
       Access code: 0121683#



Technical InterOp 

Community Contributions


  • Open for Business: InCommon Identity Assurance Program (PDF Silde Deck. Webinar recorded February 29, 2012)
  • Grab the Bronze and Silver Ring: Identity Assurance Progress (PDF Slide Deck. Webinar recorded June 15, 2011)

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