1. Respondent data

1.1 Name of the product
1.2a Respondent#1 Name and position
1.2b Respondent#2 Name and position
1.4 May we publish your name and position along with your response data

2. SOA maturity of your product

2.1 Which of the following describe your product?

2.2 If your service contracts are published, can you supply the URL's?
2.3 If there has been a significant change in the adoption of SOA technologies for your product, can you identify the main drivers for the change

3. Industry (vertical) standards

3.1 Which of the following standards does your product use as an interoperability standard

3.2 Please list any additional standards that you are using that do not appear in the list above
3.3 Describe any letters of intent or other instruments that indicate alignment with standards bodies

4. Governance

4.1 Service inventory management

4.2 Please add any additional information on the management of service contracts (that is not captured above)

4.3 Data
Successful SOA is dependent on a clearly articulated ontology. Service endpoints must be able to understand tha data contained in messages.

5. Identity and access management

5.1 Which of the following identity solutions does your product interoperate with?

5.2 Please explain in greater detail how you product handles Identity and Access Management in the context of interacting with services exposed from your product:

6. SOA design principles

6.1 Has your product development been informed by high-level architectural artifacts?

6.2 Do you version your service contracts during the design process?

6.3 How do you document (publish) your service contracts?

6.4 Do you publish meta-data about each service (assumptions, intended use, glossaries)?
6.5 Which message types does your product support?

7. Technologies

7.1 Does your product integrate with a commercial turnkey SOA solution

7.3 Does your product integration with one or more of the following service-bus applications.  Please describe a typical integration scenario.

7.4 Which of the following technology standards are being used in your SOA implemenation?

7.5 Which of the following security related standards are you using?