This topic is discussed in the "Grouper Minor Upgrade" training video.

This document lists instructions for people with existing groups installations on how to upgrade to newer versions of grouper (or grouper related products).  If you notice something missing please let us know.  The instructions are in descending order based on date/release.  You will find instructions below for Grouper, Grouper-ws, Grouper-ui, etc.  It is assumed if you are running grouper-ui that you will perform both the grouper upgrade notes, and the grouper-ui upgrade notes.  It is understood that you will get the new source/javadoc/etc files, this document addresses configurations, jars, etc.  Note that for major upgrades, you should follow the upgrade steps.  For minor upgrades, that instructions should be sufficient.


Grouper UI

Grouper WS

    <!-- logging filter -->
    <filter-name>Grouper logging filter</filter-name>

  <!-- filter-mapping>
    <filter-name>Grouper logging filter</filter-name>
  </filter-mapping -->
# if there are attribute names that need to be sent to the SubjectDecorator
# for subsequent dynamic lookup (configured in SubjectFinder), comma separated
ws.subject.attributes.for.decorator =
# cache the decision to allow a user to user web services, so it doesnt have to be calculated each time
# defaults to 5 minutes: = 5


Subject API

Grouper Client