OSIdM4HE planning call, 22 July 2011: 1PM PT, 2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET for 1 hour

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Discussed the 6 points in Dedra's email to the group. Consensus that #3 and #4 (gap analysis and identification of which parts of the gap will be attacked first) are nearer the core of the f2f activity than the other points. Governance, etc logically follows after knowing what it is that's to be governed. OTOH, things like ability to respond to an RFI, available commercial support providers, and established governance can be just as critical to an adoption decision as feature completeness, so it's also reasonable to think of such things as part of the gap analysis.

TomB asked for reasons, beyond Dedra's, others have for investing themselves in this effort. Some paraphrased responses:

Who's got real use cases or functional requirements developed?

Pre-workshop activity #1





KeithH, ReneeS, RobC, HamptonS

Work out a good way to get the most out of their aggregate use case material, which could include determining a common way to present them, making a good representative selection across the aggregate set, etc

Pre-workshop activity #2





RobC, KeithH

Prepare a description or depiction of the schema, blocks, chunks, or clusters that will frame the gap

Next call: same time and phone coordinates next week, 4pm EDT Friday July 29