Welcome to the InCommon Assurance Program Collaboration Site.

This site will house information about the InCommon Assurance specifications, implementation, and program. The primary documents are:

  • [Identity Assurance Assessment Framework|http://www.incommon.org/docs/assurance/IAAF_V1.1.pdf] \[PDF\]
  • [Identity Assurance Profiles|http://www.incommon.org/docs/assurance/IAP_V1.1.pdf] \[PDF\]

On June 9, the US Federal Government’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Trust Framework Evaluation Team (TFET) provisionally approved the InCommon Assurance documents. We are now working on adding their privacy recommendations with the goal of have these documents finally approved shortly.

Current Work Underway

- Defining the documents and charter related to the Assurance Review Panel and provide process recommendations to the InCommon Steering Committee. Target due date is early September.

- Identifying the workflows necessary to review and award certification.

- Determining how assurance status is communicated over the wire.

Community Work

(20 Jul) Short-term Group Working on Review Panel Definition

Frequently Asked Questions About the Assurance Program and the Refinement Process

InCommon Assurance Web page

Background on Version 1.1