What are we currently working on ?

  1. Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) protocol as candidate for (de)provisioning
  2. The recipe book for privilege and access management   https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/macepaccman/Privilege+and+Access+Management+Recipes--A+Discussion-starter+Draft
    1. Namespaces for privileges and expressing them through URI and URNs
    2. When to use groups , roles, privileges
    3. Role Hierarchies
    4. Working examples  of Access Management
  3. Using the paccman glossary in other MACE Working Groups
  4. Experiments with the Axiomatics Policy Engine

MACE-paccman (Privilege and Access Management) Working Group

The MACE-paccman Working Group provides a venue for discussion and development of access management material in the context of MACE and the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. It is co-chaired by Tom Dopirak, Carnegie Mellon University, and Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin - Madison. Working Group Flywheel is Steve Olshansky <steveo AT internet2.edu>.

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