InCommon has published version 1.1 of the Identity Assurance Assessment Framework and Identity Assurance Profiles documents. On this page we present our general approach, describe the major changes in these documents from the 1.0.x versions, and suggest sections that are especially important for review.

Overall approach

The work of the Refinement team had these objectives:

  1. Respond to feedback from early-adopter campuses regarding provisions that were unclear or onerous.
  2. Remove elements that were not justified by US government or InCommon community requirements.
  3. Harmonize conflicting and out-of-date terminology.
  4. Continue to meet requirements of the US government ICAM program for Assurance Levels 1 and 2 (Bronze and Silver).
  5. Clarify the purpose and audience of each document.
  6. Clearly indicate normative requirements; remove or appropriately distinguish examples and advice; describe requirements in terms of what must be achieved, as opposed to how to achieve it.
  7. Reduce the number of referenced external documents, especially those that appear normative.

Identity Assurance Assessment Framework (IAAF) changes

Identity Assurance Profiles (IAP) changes