This Roadmap is a reflection of the current plans of the COmanage Project, and is provided for informational purposes only. Specific release dates are not guaranteed.


Beginning with Registry v4.0.0, the COmanage Project is planning on two Feature Releases per year, roughly aligned with the Internet2 Global Summit (usually around April) and Technology Exchange (usually around October). Feature Releases are those that end in .0 (eg: 3.3.0, 4.0.0), and can be either a MAJOR or MINOR release as per Semantic Versioning.

Hot Fix Releases (PATCH releases as per Semantic Versioning) will continue to be released as needed.

The Project has not yet established a release schedule for products other than Registry.


The Roadmap is intended as a high level overview. Additional details are available in JIRA.

Product and VersionTarget Release DateScope and Functionality
Registry v5.0.02Q21
  • Framework Migration
  • Backwards incompatible changes, TBD
  • Instrumentation and Logging
Registry v4.0.0October 2020
  • Backwards incompatible changes to Enrollment Flows
  • Deprecations in preparation for Framework Migration
Match v1.0.03Q20Initial Release
Registry v3.3.0Release Candidate: 7 July 2020

New features

Registry v3.2.0

Release Candidate: 18 December 2018

Final Release: (tick) 6 January 2019

New features

Registry v3.1.0

Release Candidates: 2,24 January 2018

Final Release: (tick) 14 February 2018

New features

Registry v3.0.0

Release Candidates: 7,30 August 2017

Final Release: (tick) 19 September 2017

Refreshed UI, improved mobile support and accessibility

Early access to this version is available via the git develop branch, but this branch is not suitable for production deployments.

Registry v2.0.x

Final Release:(tick) 23 December 2017

Maintenance Releases
Registry v2.0.0

Release Candidates: 11,28 March 2017

Final Release: (tick) 13 April 2017

New features

Registry v1.0.7(tick) 5 April 2017

Maintenance Release; Final release of the 1.x series

The previous roadmap is available here