The Dictionary Vetter Plugin performs Registry Person Vetting by comparing CO Person attributes against Dictionary values.

This plugin is experimental and may change across minor releases.


The Dictionary Vetter is instantiated via a Vetting Step. The plugin may be instantiated with different configurations for multiple Vetting Steps.

  1. Prepare a new Standard Dictionary, as described here. For information on the contents of the Dictionary, see Vetting Records, below.
  2. Add a new Vetting Step, via COConfigurationVetting Steps > (plus) Add Vetting Step.
    1. Select the Dictionary created above.
    2. Determine which attributes are checked. See Vetting Records, below.

Vetting Records

The Dictionary Vetter examines the configured target attribute(s) and checks for matches in the specified Dictionary. A match results in a Failed vetting result. Note that matches are against Dictionary codes if set or values if not. Strings must match exactly.

Supported Attributes