Topic: Kick-Off Call, Mentoring, Experts with Office Hours, Facilitation
Day/Time: Oct 2, 2020 | 11AM PST, Noon Mountain, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern (7PM GMT)

The New Normal

Architecture at a distance, remote facilitation, collaboration tools (Mural, Miro, Google, Lucidcharts, etc).

Even when pandemic is over we still expect 50% or so of staff to work remotely, so we have a new challenge as architects on how to do those things in a remote world.  Looking for input from all of you this fall season on what you have learned or are doing.

Question: Are we going into tools?  Yes.  Jim has tried Mural.  Would love to hear what others are using.

Please reach out to Steering committee if you have ideas/suggestions for topics.

"Experts" Sessions

Coaching and Mentoring

Wiki Refresh Workshop

Group Work

Pick one:

Ashish: Integration platform deployment, learned need to be agile but needed lots of planning, lots of thought into training, arch, ops support,  vendor support, etc.

Beth: UW System planning for centralizing more services and how UW-Milwaukee will interface with those & re-architecting those. At this point business partners have yet to be included. How do we adapt to keep things going forward.  May be asking for help on how to tell those stories. (per Jim, maybe session on EA role in centralizing services)

Brian: Asish covered much.  Enterprise System Renewal program (6 yr rip & replace of core systems), payroll & financial systems.  Long range planning for next 5 yr network plan, trying to work with academic counter parts.

Betsy: Lots of areas trying to fine tune operations in business depts.  Using as model/business case for campus, particularly in benefits as cost reductions occur.  Business Arch has moved out of Betsy’s area. Vice Provost discussion on BRM to connect the dots on the institution and got great feedback on it.

Dana: Align dev teams to CAUDIT BRM and looking for feedback and pushing for that change and having strategic discussion with business.

Jacob: Great wiki workshop.  1st time doing something like this virtually and learned a lot from it.  Staying in 1 tool (Mural) seemed to be important and there is a learning curve with tools.  Will be using this more at work.

Jeff: Working to Deputy VC for updated strategic plan.  Part of Sustainable university work that included digital environment on what needs to be standard and what should be innovative.  Will be launching updated reference models in about 10 days, been a great collaborative effort.  May do an ECAR paper on the model.

Kali: Lots of work around SIS, financial system and portals.  Re-architect SLDC for these systems.

Maher: EA focus on application & technology domain, particularly to capture to info about technologies on campus.  Using TEAMS to meet with others that didn’t have chance to meet on campus.  Used ERWIN EA tool to capture content.

Mary: Before Covid was trying to spin up EA practice, now aligning digital infrastructure aligned with Covid response ecosystem.  Making sure how things cascade thru system (tech, process, people, etc.).

Mona: Identity Management and ID generation migrated from mainframe DB2 to vended service.  MDM to support integration.  Want to migrate off of Oracle ID.

Rich:  Helped establish tech arch for Penn St. and CIO now want to create an EA program.



Yolanda: Try to get data around research mapped out. Hard to apply for institutional funding when everyone has own system & data.


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