CACTI Call May 26, 2020





Action Item from this call



Identity and Access Management - fully-outsourcing to InCommon?

  (Mike Corn CISO at UCSD, with identity in portfolio  and David Hutches, Enterprise Architect at UCSD)

Additional comments


Next Step:  articulate this more crisply, sharpen the description, problem statement, value proposition, list related efforts 

AI TomJ will start documentation around the effort discussed to outsource parts of Identity and Access Management


Recruiting and Hiring Working Group (Jessica)  

  1. Gauging interest/readiness to spin up the Working Group
  2. Prep for surveying the community and/or announcing this at the June 10, 2020 IAM Online "Hiring for IAM"
  3. Start an email list  and promote it at end of the June webinar?
  4. Agree to solicit for participation in the proposed working group on the June 10, 2020 IAM Online

Parking Lot

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 9th, 2020