CACTI call of Tuesday, March 17, 2020





New Action Item from this call

[AI ] Jessica convene a  meeting with chairs of  CACTI, InCommon TAC, CTAB and software integration working group. Purpose: to discuss prioritization and messaging in light of the challenges (including move to remote learning and working) due to COVID-19. Identify the items we can do to help the situation as it unfolds.   (DONE)



    1.  Administrivia
      1. Intellectual Property reminder
    2. Agenda bash
    1. New Business or agenda adjustments?
      1. Discuss the impact of COVID19 on our community 
    2. Main business
      1. Update on 2021 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference program committee (Jill)
        1. Next steps/status update
          1. 2019 ACAMP session around hiring challenges
            1. Other places?
          2. Where to solicit leadership and / or membership? Jessica and TomJ will work on this
          3.  Finalize charter
          4. Communication prep
          5. Recruit members/leadership
        1. Next steps/status update
          1. Updates from CACTI members
          2. Graphics (Karen H)
          3. Ready to share with InCommon Steering/TI PAG?
    1. Announcements
      1. Draft charter for Recruiting and Onboarding Working Group (Tom, Jill, Jessica)
      2. Potential working group - comparison of TAP software with vendor offerings (Jessica)
      3. Value proposition: Raising awareness/evangelism with C-suite (Tom/Jill)



Discussion focused on the impact of COVID 19 on our community and how CACTI might adjust its focus to address this.

The previously planned agenda items were deferred.

How are campuses and other organizations in our community coping with the COVID-19 situation?

How should CACTI adapt our direction to help support the community?

CACTI and Working Groups   

Likely priorities over next months

Possible Messages


Discourage changes that can cause issues

Solution sharing around things working well in the move to remote teaching, learning, working:


Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 31st, 2020