Grouper allows you to create composites in a couple of ways.  

In addition, Grouper allows you to use two existing groups (called "factors") to define a third (composite) group. You may combine two groups in the following ways:


UPDATE GROUP privilege or greater is required on the composite group and VIEW,READ GROUP on the factor groups.


To create a composite group:

For this example, we are going to create a group itsAffiliates whose members are both in UNCG-affiliate as well as the ITS department's system-of-record.

  1. Create the group that will contain the composite (e.g. uncg:apps:spartApp:ref:itsAffiliates)  

  2. Either create the factor groups like the composite was created, or note the location of the existing groups.  In this example, we will be using uncg:reference:UNCG-affiliate and uncg:org:DEPT-ITS-23101:ref:DEPT-ITS-23101_systemOfRecord.

  3. In the composite group, go to "Group actions", then "Edit composite"

  4. Set Composite to Yes, then find your first and second factors by searching for them in the given fields and selecting the group when it's returned.

  5. Select the desired operation from the drop-down.

  6. Click "Save".  This will assign the composite to the group.